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Ralph Losey, September 2022

Ralph Losey is a lawyer and educator-writer in a variety of subjects. Although Ralph often jokes as he roams the metaverse, he has a serious real world side. He is a practicing lawyer, private judge, legal-tech writer and speaker. See eg. e-Discoveryteam.com. He actually enjoys big-edisocvery projects and is an expert in using AI to get it done fast. In his spare time Ralph enjoys creating relaxing computer music and some community outreach, as the header here suggests. Ralph is also is a student of longevity, excises and life-style choices to extend a vigorous, healthy, high-energy life to age 100. One of his goals is to be a “kick-ass” 100 year old. No joke.

Ralph has over forty years of experience as an attorney in private practice since 1980. He has also been an educator, both in and out of cyberspace, for over thirty years. See above menu selections for links to his online education programs, all free.

On the “not-free” side of Ralph’s life a a lawyer, he serves as a practicing attorney at his firm, Losey, PLLC, as well as Special Master of Discovery disputes for parties and judges in state and federal courts. Losey is also certified by the American Arbitration Association and serves as an Arbitrator for AAA in all types of disputes, not just discovery. Finally, Ralph offers settlement services as a Mediator of Computer Law Disputes. For more about Ralph the lawyer, and some of his hobbies, see the videos below and menu selections.

The Real Ralph Losey in a Technology/Law
e-Discovery Channel Interview 2022

From 2006 to 2021 Ralph specialized in electronic discovery and various information technology issues, including cyber security and information management. He has written six books on the subject and hundreds of articles. Ralph also taught these subjects as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Florida, where he designed, built and taught the law school’s first accredited online class on any subject. Ralph’s subspecialty in ediscovery was the use of artificial intelligence to assist attorneys in the search and review of electronic evidence. Since 2022, Ralph has enjoyed a more general practice at Losey PLLC. Listen to the podcast below for more information on that. For further details see Ralph’s general resume at the bottom.

Ralph’s legal practice since 1980 has focused on civil litigation in a range of business related subjects, including False Claims Act, fraud, commercial, contract, technology related, intellectual property, employment, real estate, ERISA and health, disability and life insurance matters. Ralph has also represented and advised companies and individuals on deals, usually involving information technology, information management, insurance, benefits and general business strategy issues.

Ralph Answers Questions Re His Legal Practice and Alleged “Super Powers”

Here is the general legal resume of Ralph Losey, as of late May 2022.